Zoey Artana
Personal Info
Alias The Witch of the Drains
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification  ?
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 9.03

Zoey Artana is a former Practitioner that fell through the cracks and ended up in Limbo. She barters information in exchange for items and provided Blake with information into the workings of Limbo and how he could potentially escape. She only requested that he put a flower on his grave if he made it out.


Described as surprisingly normal looking and would have passed for a homeless woman in the material world. Her hair was matted in places, and her skin had stretches of rash where it didn’t seem to have grit embedded in the flesh. Forty or so, and possibly Greek ethnicity.


Zoey is a wise person, having given in-depth thought to the workings of Limbo in understanding its rules and so on.

She seems to cling better to her personality as a former human than most others by decorating her place with knick-knacks and genuine conveniences that suggested she had been there for some time.


  • The first published draft of chapter 9.03 had Zoey under a different name, that belonged to a certain actress. Subsequent versions replaced that name with her current one, and all user comments referencing the original name were edited to match, therefore hiding it.

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