Zeitgeists are a type of spirit, spirits of time to be exact. These spirits can be used to manipulate time by a skilled chronomancer.


Zeitgiest come in many different shapes and sizes.

  • A child, a matron, an older woman, each holding one part of a length of thread.
  • A giant with gray skin and a veiled face.
  • A tin man with a clockwork body, his head rotating around three hundred and sixty degrees, moving a set distance each second, like his overly pointed nose was a hand of a clock.
  • An old Father Time figure, bearded, old, and robed, with golden chains draped over the ground around him like a squid’s limp tentacles
  • A clockword Arachnid with an hourglass built in.


Zeitgiest are used to manipulate the flow of time, both personal and general. Duncan Behaim utilized them to make it seem like he rewound time for Blake Thorburn and everyone attached to the connections with him, while later they appear to remove memories from him.

Notable ZeitgeistsEdit

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