Vital statistics
Type City
Level Unknown
Location Canada

Toronto is a real city in canada, and the temporary setting for arcs 4 through 7. The Lord of the city is Conquest.

Geography/Description Edit

It is here that the majority of Blake's friends and family live, only two hours from Jacob's Bell.

Residents Edit

The Toronto Council are the major practitioners and Others who oversee the city, with the Lord being Conquest.

Points of InterestEdit


Full name of the university is not specified in story. Home to Isadora, and often visited by members of the Sisters of the Torch and the Cult of Dionysus.

Hyena's ParkEdit

A large park where a dangerous Goblin called the Hyena resided. Many of it's victims are forced to roam the woods, in pain and anger. It's original name is unknown.

Sisters of the Torch DemesneEdit


This major city served as the battleground during the contest between Blake Thorburn and Conquest.

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