Timothy Behaim
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter Breach 3.3

Timothy is a young member of the Behaim Circle who Ben Behaim considers to be a safe bet for the candidacy of lordship, despite the fact that he doesn't wash his hands immediately after using the bathroom. He had a hair plucked to be used by Blake for a disguise.[1]


Persumably a chronomancer like the rest of his family.


References Edit

  1. “Did you wash your hands?” I asked, knowing the answer.
    He looked momentarily guilty.
    I put my hand on top of his head, moving it so his head turned toward the sink. He obediently turned and went to wash his hands.
    I plucked a hair from his head. - Breach 3.3