The timeless armor is a clockwork knight that stands eight-feet tall and wields a lance, inlaid with gold, giving off an immense heat. It can operate outside of time, in the space between seconds, and disturbs perception of time. It has a high level of durability as well and seems to respond to mental or verbal commands.[1]


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  1. “Sorry, Blake,” Alister said. “But my family is watching.”<bre> “Your family-” I turned to look. To see staring eyes.
    In that same moment. The suit of armor with the lance moved.
    It didn’t move from A to B with a handful of steps. Its arm didn’t move fluidly.
    It went from A to B as if it were two completely different photographs, switching from one to the next faster than the blink of an eye. In the darkness, with the armor gleaming here and there, spots on my vision made it seem to linger in the spot where it had stood before. - Excution 13.1