The Thorburns are a Family of Practitioners, specifically diabolists that has lived in Jacob's Bell since the early 1900's.



They may have come about due to some influence from a crow spirit.

Because of an oath accidentally sworn by Rose Thorburn Senior prevented her from passing along their knowledge until after her passing.[1] At present the only living practitioners are Blake and Rose.

The family in general is disliked by the community, more so because if the property was sold it would benefit the town and allow for expansion. They have a rivalry with the Duchamp Coven that extended before the 1930s, but at present the family are their own greatest enemy as they constantly fight over the inheritance.

Also of note is the fact that the father of Roselyn had slept with his cousin.

Current Family MembersEdit


  • In early samples of Pact, the family's name was Rosine, rather than Thorburn.[2]

References Edit

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