The Eye
Personal Info
Alias Eye of the Storm
Age Over 100
Gender None
Status Alive
Classification Other
Affiliation Toronto Council, Sisters of the Torch
Chapter 6.04

The Eye is an Other born from a large-scale fire in 1908 under the command of Conquest. It keeps to itself until it is called, upon which it will destroy whatever Conquest desires. It changes as humanity does, so when humans started using wires and electricity it changed to match, becoming more storm and less fire. It is considered one of the most powerful Others in the city, being a moderate level elemental.


Described as a man with rags draped over him from head to toe, burly and tall like you would expect to be a top of the line defenseman on a hockey rink. It's hair stuck out from the midst of the rags, scorched, standing up in sharp tufts and its skin was blistered and burned. It reeks of smoke and ozone and burned away the air merely by being there. It has a single eye visible that burns so brightly you can't even look into it.


The Eye doesn't appear to have any sort of personality, save that it will accomplish whatever it is sent out to do without regard for the safety of the general public. It is somewhat clever, taking advantage of Blake trying to save people it endangered to try and kill him. It is thought to be insane to an extent, leaving it resistant to demons from the choir of madness.


The eye is a moderate Elemental

  • Pyromancy: As an embodiment of fire that is wild and untamed it controls flames and consists of it solely.
  • Electromancy: It can also wield electricity due to changing as humanity did.


Born of a great fire it has been around since then and served Conquest. First called upon during the contest with Conquest, the Eye proved to be one of the more difficult combatants. When Conquest was sealed and Blake Thorburn was erased by the Abstract Demon it started going on a rampage now that there was nothing held its leash.

It later arrives with the other members of the Toronto Council, at the beckoning of Rose and Faysal, with Rose condemning Jacob's Bell to Toronto and dragging them into the conflict. It is used to power Evan into a firebird and then used to keep demons and imps at bay.

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