Tarot Divination is the art of using Tarot Cards to divine the future, making it a catagory of Augury.


The various cards hold meaning that are drawn with the left and right hand.

Left and Right HandsEdit

While the meaning isn't clear, it is hypothesized by Zoey Artana that by the most basic aspects of the left and right hands, practically and symbolically, the right hand is the active hand, the hand fixed in the now, the one with which you address the world, while the left is the hand used when you’ve got our hands full, in times of stress, more clumsy, but strongest when used in concert with the other, rather than relying on the other alone.

The left hand has another meaning.  When referring to the parts of the body, terminology for the right side is Dexter, as in dexterity.  When referring to the left, the word is Sinister.  In superstition, the left is viewed to be the side closest to evil and thus the hand is used only when desperate.

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