Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Destroyed (?)
Classification Revenant
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Family Unnamed Brothers and their families
Chapter 6.09

Tallowman is a Revenant under the command of Rose Thorburn Junior.

A lonely and talented candlemaker who scrimped and saved to buy a woman’s love, he was betrayed by greedy brothers and their families who wanted the savings. With multiple stab wounds and left to die, he filled them all with candle wax, then lurched to his feet and kept going.

He then hunted down the family members, patched himself with wax made from the dead's body fat, and then got the rest until only the brothers remained. He burned up when in a church as the brothers confessed and prayed, the candles inside catching the wax and burning it up.

Since then it had been regularly summoned before Rose bound it to act as a servant during the contest with Conquest, where it was presumably destroyed, but it was stated that it was possible for it to come back.


A man with an apron and vest, wild orange hair, and slashes of dull ashy yellow wax crusting his skin here and there. One of his eyes was missing, and the orb within was more wax, set with a tiny black dot in the middle, slipped into place.


Diligent in life, Tallowman referred to Rose as "Mistress" and did as asked without question.


  • Supernatural Strength: Tallowman possesses a degree of super-strength.
  • Wax: Tallowman is able to pull the fat from bodies to create wax. This wax could be used to patch wounds, make candles, and so on.