Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Free
Classification Imp
Affiliation Fifth Choir, Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Chapter 15.06

Surbas, similar to Pauz is an imp of the Fifth Choir. It arrived at the beckoning of Ms. Lewis to punish Rose Thorburn Junior for attempting to go back on the deal. With no adequate defense against it, it smeared the lines of the protective circle to let the other motes get at them.


Surbas is described as mottled, sleek, with an infant’s face stretched into an inhuman shape with far too many teeth, a permanent smile. With each blink, it wore a different set of eyes, the left eye not matching the right. Each word it spoke is like a razor blade sliding along a sensitive place.


A sadistic demon, it wished for the humans to bow to it in exchange for eating the first ones quick before taking time to slowly eat the others.


  • Size Growth: Surbas gets larger by eating things in its surroundings, quickly scaling in size and weight. It took essential qualities from everything it devoured, casting away the rest into nothingness.

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