Subordination 6.3
Date posted 3 May 2014
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Subordination 6.3 is the third chapter of Subordination.


Nick explains how magical power is like currency, but is briefly sidetracked when Alexis learns Blake misled her about cutting himself. They apologize and drop it. Nick continues explaining how there are three ways one can invest their power. First, one can claim a piece of land and hope it appreciates in value. Second, one can claim a tool that'll represent their magical career. Third, one can claim a business partner that'll aid them in some way.

Blake adds a rule of thumb that the best way to oppose an Other is to use its opposite, or to use something similar if it's weak. They also learn about how to use the Sight, and how everyone experiences it differently.

As they approach Conquest's home, they find their way blocked by all but one of Toronto's Practitioners. Blake slowly convinces each one to let him and his circle through. Fell assists in getting them inside. At the top of the tower, they find Conquest waiting for them, along with The Eye, Laird Behaim, Duncan Behaim, and Rose.


  • It is likely that having certain others under a single practitioners or circle is a common arrangement. but like copyrights and trademarks it needs to be defended.


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