Subordination 6.1
Date posted 29 April 2014
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Subordination 6.1 is the first chapter of Subordination.


The Knights of the Basement arrive to give an exhausted Blake a ride. As they're driving, they discuss their plan to defeat Conquest. They reject trying to kill him, using the Lawyers, or controlling Demons. Rose disappeares, the group deduces she was gets abducted by Conquest.

Needing to get ready for his confrontation with the Incarnation, Blake is driven to his apartment.

He finds Alexis waiting outside his room. She checks to make sure Blake is alright, then calls a worried Joel Monte up as well. Still desperate for more help, Blake finally decides to induct his friends into the magical world.

He introduces them to Evan.

Major EventsEdit

  • Rose is abducted
  • Blake decides to expand his circle of trust.



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