Subhumans are Others who were once descended from humans. They are what you get when a collection of feral children grow up and breed for a few generations, or when you have that small branch of the population that lives off in the middle of nowhere or on some mountaintop, left with nobody but their own family.  Less human trappings to tie them down to reality, a lot of energy, lust, or bloodlust to stir up the spirits, and you wind up with whole families of inbred, messed up almost-humans.

When they get enough Other-trappings they can be summoned. It should be noted that they are not by any means stupid, the only skill that was lost were social skill and cunning is a survival instinct. They are supernaturally good with improvised weaponry.


Subhumans come in three different categories:

  • Natural: They get twisted by their environment. Built for cold, desert, for living in ravines or deep caves, inhospitable places.
  • Social: They form tribes, cannibal families, or that sort of thing.
  • Loners: Break from the pack, their pack dies, or they’re exceptional members of a family unit, too crazy or brutal to be allowed to mingle.

Notable SubhumansEdit

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