Stephanie Thorburn
Personal Info
Alias Aunt Steph
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Occupation  ?
Chapter 1.01

Stephanie Thorburn is the first wife of Paul Thorburn, as well as the mother of Kathryn Thorburn, Peter Thorburn, Paige Thorburn, and Ellie Thorburn.


At present, she wore clothes that were surprisingly nice, almost certainly dry cleaned or brand new, and her hair was professionally cut. Whatever her attention to the broad strokes, she missed the mark in the details. She was groomed in a perfunctory sort of way, basic makeup and a comb through her hair, and she’d missed areas. A mole sat on the side of her neck with coarse hairs sticking out of it.


A woman who forces herself to smile, she's fairly condescending. Rather than work, she’d lived off the teat of child support and disability allowance that was almost certainly trumped up. She’d given her children only the bare minimum they needed to get by, and taught them that if they wanted more, they needed to manipulate others to do it. Her own son admits that she would choose money over them at any time, an allegation she doesn't deny.


She first appeared in the opening chapter with the rest of the Thorburn Family to see if any of her children gained the inheritance. She later appears in the "Malfeasance" arc with them as well in in order to try and have Rose Thorburn Junior committed. She leaves behind her children to watch the house after being warned it was likely to be burned down while empty.