The Sisters of the Torch are a coven of pyromancers who pay homage to an intermediate fire spirit. Each one bears rings forged from the spirit once initiated and their group consists of mostly wives, businesswomen, mothers and lawyers, those who join often do it for connections and confidence, citing that walking down the street and knowing they can set someone who attacks them on fire does wonders.

As far as practitioners go, they aren't seen as devoted or proficient, devoting only two hours a week to learning, but they provide Terracotta Soldiers in service to Conquest in order to do business. During the contest in Toronto, their current leader, Elder Sister, was chosen as a champion and the rest sided with her.

The full members wear deep burgundy robe with one sleeve longer than the other and their faces are largely hidden, except for their lips, which were painted red. Initiates wear less ornate robes with hoods covering their eyes, and are sleeveless and ringless.

Though they lost their original Fire Spirit in the war between Conquest and Thornborn, it taking residence in one of the Astrologers machines. They apparently formed a new partnership with The Eye.

Notable MembersEdit