Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Unbound
Classification Gremlin
Affiliation Loner
Chapter 6.12

Screwloose is a Gremlin formerly under the command of Maggie Holt. It was set free during the contest against Conquest and proceeded to use the parking lot of the police station as a staging ground to face-off against the members of the Behaim Circle, catching Blake Thorburn in the process. It only left once Blake freed it of it's bindings in exchange for leaving humanity alone for a decade and helping to defeat Laird Behaim.


It was described as the size of a chimp, roughly as hairy, but less consistently hairy, with a receding hairline and thick body hair. Its feet and hands were clawed, and it had no tail. The macabre overbite showed off an uneven row of fangs and poke with an English accent.

It wore a makeshift monocle that wasn’t round, but held in place by points of glass that punctured its eye socket. Its genitalia was decorated, pushed through a series of washers and wound up by wires that bent it into some grotesque art piece.


Screwloose was described as a mad-dog type goblin, sent out to attack others. When it was released to fight, it targeted everyone it could. It was excited by the violence and mayhem it caused, but Blake suspected it was a short-term thinker.


  • Tinkering:Screwloose is capable of tinkering with electronics and vehicles, as well as creating it's own crude shotgun.