Bogeymen are a species of Others that are the embodiment of fear and terror. Described as "Loner Others with a penchant for murder and terror" these beings typically prey on humans, hot malice drives them while in Limbo and their hatred boils over until they surface, with those who died gruesome deaths more likely to rise. It is theorized by Barbatorem that all humans will eventually become bogeyman once the age of man ends and all falls into the abyss. Practitioners who focus on gathering bogeymen are known as Scourges.


Bogeymen have human-like forms that enable them to blend into society with ease, although to what extent may vary depending on what they have changed into. Some are adapted to air, some are adapted to sea, and some are adapted to abstract travel and realms, like mirrors.

Because Limbo has a hold on them, it will take them back if an opportunity arises. To stave this off they can draw power by making an impact on the universe by creating fear, or murder, to leave a strong impression so they remain connected to the world rather than being forgotten again. If they are strong enough then, even if their bodies are destroyed, they reform in Limbo and can crawl back up.

Binding a bogeyman typically involved using some form of the natural elements, and things with permanence.  In the former case, it depended based on the type of bogeyman and the place beyond the cracks in reality that they had come from, leaving some particularly vulnerable to weaknesses that may or may not be as simple as a closed door. The other option was old items that had a history and durability to them, antiques.

If a bogeyman kills the one who brought it up they gain their freedom.


Bogeymen have abilities that come from their time in Limbo, but usually their abilities are geared towards targeting humans. An example would be one in particular that steals the faces of other people and wears them like a mask, enabling it to act as that person with no one the wiser, while another forges inconvenient connections that causes conflicts amongst allies.

Notable ScourgesEdit

Notable BogeymenEdit

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