Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Knights of the Basement
Family Unnamed Husband
Occupation Blackguard
Chapter 6.01

Priss is the Blackguard of the Knights of the Basement. Much like Nick she's a neutral character with no outright dislike of Blake Thorburn but she proves helpful without getting involved. As the group's designated liar, she goes into situations where she would be needed, such as to help Blake while he was in the police station.


A woman described as not old, but not young either, the sort who would have been the really cute girl next door, but some lines had reached her eyes.


Priss shares Nick's sense of neutrality and playing it safe, but as she is unawakened she cannot understand some of the things that are done around her. To this end, she accepts them and doesn't really get phased by things related to it.


During the Conviction arc she went to the police station on Blake's behalf, aiding him in getting out of a conviction before Duncan Behaim reset time, driving her away the second time. In the following arc she assisted Blake in getting home and then spreading word to all the other major parties about Blake planning to oppose Conquest in homes of gaining him more allies.

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