Notable locations in Pact

Jacobs BellEdit

Main setting of the story, located somewhere in Canada. The Practitioners here are hostile to Blake because of the power he has and the danger he could pose to them all, and the public hate him because he can't and won't sell his grandmothers property, which is preventing the town from expanding.

Hillsglade House Edit

Residence of Rose Thorburn Sr. until she passed away, after which is left to Molly... until she died, then its left to Blake to care after. The house is three stories tall with a tower on top, been in the family for generations, and has a large marshland behind it. Filled with ancestors' Demesnes and protected by various powerful wards, it serves as sanctuary for Blake against Others and Practitioners. It also contains a secret library of supernatural knowledge the family has collected over the years.

The Church Edit

Meeting area for the council, all practitioners in the town get together once a month under a peace treaty to discuss town events. Council meetings appear to be led largely by Laird Behaim and Sandra Duchamp

The North End Edit

A huge area of the town that has been claimed by Johannes, an impressive feat. Described as a playground for Others. Blake is warned to stay well away from there until he is fairly powerful, and to be cautious even then, by his grandmother.

The Abyss Edit

The Abyss is where the ones the world has forgotten fall to. Divided into separate regions, the Abyss grinds its denizens physically, mentally, and spiritually with a nearly sentient malevolence.

The Drains Edit

Pitch black darkness, unbelievably wet, and filled with horrible creatures, this region of the Abyss appears to the one of the least dangerous.

The Tenements Edit

A massive destitute apartment building where dangerous Others occupy every room or can scale the surface with ease.

The Library Edit

A labyrinth of rooms and bookshelves. Filled with roaming book-themed Others, written works that drive the reader mad, and an automated alarm system to attack anyone that makes noise.