Notable locations in Pact

Jacobs BellEdit

Main setting of the story, located somewhere in Canada. The Practitioners here are hostile to Blake becuase of the power he has and the danger he could pose to them all, and the public hate him because he can't and won't sell his grandmothers property, which is preventing the town from expanding.

Hillsglade HouseEdit

Blake's Grandmother's residence, which gets passed to Molly, then to Blake himself. A 3 story house with a tower that has apparently been in the family for generations, and has a large marshland behind it. Filled with various ancestors Demesnes, it is the only place Blake is safe from Others and Practioners. It contains a huge store of supernatural knowlage collected over the years in a secret room.

The ChurchEdit

Meeting area for the council, all practitioners in the town get together once a month under a peace treaty to discuss town events. Council meetings appear to be led largely by Laird Behaim and Sandra Duchamp

The North EndEdit

A huge area of the town that has been claimed by the Practitioner Johannes, an impressive feat. Described as a playground for Others. Blake is warned to stay well away from there until he is fairly powerful, and to be cautious even then, by his grandmother.

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