Penelope Duchamp
Personal Info
Alias Penny
Age Early 20s
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
Occupation Enchantress
Chapter 2.05

Penelope is a full member of the Duchamp Coven. Due to not having any personal ties or grudges against the Thorburn Family, she allows Blake Thorburn to go free rather than fight him after Letita was defeated.

She possess a familiar that takes the form of a canary.


Straight blonde hair like all the Duchamps. She also smokes.


Penelope sees herself as the leader of the junior council and, much like Sandra, plays the lead role in guiding the discussions. She's not openly hostile to anyone and capable of compromise. She's confident enough to speak for the younger Duchamps and cares about them, reasoning that they are a family and that bond isn't something she's going to throw away or weaken. However, because of the betrayal at Sandra being unable to admit things would change upon gaining victory she feels disheartened.



Penelope was driving her little sister to ballet practice when they spotted Blake Thorburn and followed their mother's standing command to take him out by sending Letita. Once she was beaten Penelope stepped up to confront him but had no personal interest in doing so and, because he showed Letita mercy, allowed him to leave in peace despite the fact that she would be grounded later on.


Penelope led the discussion with Maggie, before her name change, in hopes of removing her as a wild card from the impending lordship contest after revealing Blake wouldn't be coming back according to various sources. She believed that they were the next generation and their decision would matter in the future and were willing to compromise with her in exchange for not getting involved.


Penelope appears when Blake asked Briar Girl to assemble the junior council. She doesn't trust Blake on account of what he'd done to the Behaims according to Craig, but Blake tells her they've met and references it, which allows her to realize that's why she was grounded halfway through January. While they weren't on bad terms while they left, things are different now.

When asked why she doesn't try to invoke change she states she's not going to weaken her family because she cares about them and while she's not always stating their parents are right, they do care and he's just a stranger with words.


Penelope is part of the chat with the Junior Council members when Blake comes online and invites his family to discuss matters with them while Mags mediates. Later on she is at the conclusion of the night, when her family is fractured, and spits at Sandra before taking the rest of the younger members and her sister (actually Padraic) and going back home to meet message the others on what to do next.

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