Owen Behaim
Personal Info
Alias Sunglasses
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter Subordination 6.10

Owen Behaim is a member of the Behaim Circle who appears to bargain with Maggie Holt along with several other school-age practitioners. He later appears in Toronto to assist Laird Behaim in the contest with Conquest to assist in capturing Blake Thorburn, where he is incapacitated by Douchegargler crushing his shin between cars.

He uses some kind of golden disc and silvered chains in combat.


A man who wore sunglasses and appeared to be a little older than Blake, he had the standard Behaim build of dark hair, square faces, and heavy builds that weren’t necessarily fat.

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