Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender None
Status Free
Classification Demon
  • Thorburn Family
  • First Choir
Chapter Histories 12

Ouhim, is a demon from the Choir of Darkness that Roselyn called up during her training with Alister Behaim.


A head, or a face, pale that rose from the pool of darkness with a silhouette that was sleek, like a person with long black hair, plastered to their head with water, and a long black dress that covered the hands, clinging to their form.  Genderless.  Human shaped, but not humanoid. Two eyes, no nose, mouth or ears.  The eye sockets were only dark pits, utterly black within.


When Ouhim smiles a black crack forms in its mouth and then spreads off its face into the surroundings, damaging them.

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