Nurse of Darnby
Personal Info
Alias The Nurse
Gender Female
Status Defeated (Likely to reform in the Abyss)
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Rose Thorburn Junior
Chapter 16.06

The Nurse of Darnby is a Bogeyman summoned by Rose Thorburn during the "Judgement" arc to distract the Barbatorem and fight the Dragon. It did it's duty until Christopher tore out its throat. It's stated she devoted herself to putting others out of their misery so much that she crawled out of the Abyss to do so again.


She looks more like a snuffed matchstick than a person, but scraps of a charcoaled nurse’s uniform and white teeth in the burned shell marked her general form.


  • Fire Resistance: The bogeyman seems to have some resistance to fire, withstanding even the flames of a Dragon.
  • Burning Touch: Her touch burns others,