Nosferatu are a type of Others that act as the natural counterparts of a Bane, born through the blight of blood. Spirits of death incubate inside of them and pass on to the victim upon being bitten.


None have appeared so far.


Presumably they have the same uses as their artificial counterparts, as they share the same weaknesses


  • Magic Resistant: Most magic curses and hexes will simply glance off of a Bane
  • Supernatural Strength: It is noted to have a level of above average strength.
  • Supernatural Durability: The body is stronger than ordinary.
  • Conversion: By biting victims it can make them into a creature like itself.


  • Natural Energies: Natural energies can be used as a conduit to allow the life energy to escape the dead prison. These include:
    • Green Wood
    • Fresh Bone
    • Lighting Strikes
    • Running Water (Natural Source)
    • Fire
    • Daylight
    • A spike of crystal
    • A stalagmite with a history of attachment to the ground

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