Nosferatu are a species of Other that flounders due to the rules of the magic system. With their prey protected by the Seal of Solomon, vampires are forced to either hunt for scraps; or take from innocents and accept the bad karma it generates. The original vampires may have found ways to harvest a decent amount of nourishment, but modern vampires are absolutely pitiful. Their bodies are atrophied, their minds deteriorated, and their mythos is constantly adding more weaknesses.[1]

They can bee seen as the natural counterpart to Banes. Born through the blight of blood. Spirits of death incubate inside of them and pass on to the victim upon being bitten.[2]

Some Fae are fond of roleplaying as these wretched beings. They adopt on the best traits of vampires, while mixing in their own.[3]


None have appeared so far. Maggie Holt will likely meet one of them at some time.


Horrible creatures to be pitied but never confronted when they can bite you.[1]


  • Magic Resistant: Most magic curses and hexes will simply glance off of them.
  • Supernatural Strength: It is noted to have a level of above average strength.[2]
  • Supernatural Durability: The body is stronger than ordinary.[2]
  • Conversion: By biting victims it can make them into a creature like itself.


  • Natural Energies: Natural energies can be used as a conduit to allow the life energy to escape the dead prison.[2] These include:
    • Green Wood
    • Fresh Bone
    • Lighting Strikes
    • Running Water (Natural Source)
    • Fire
    • Daylight
    • A spike of crystal
    • A stalagmite with a history of attachment to the ground
    • More all the time.
  • Others: that


  • The cinematic Nosferatu is one of the codifiers for the popular imagination of vampires.
  • The author as expressed a distaste for this type of creature.[4]

References Edit

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    They're strung out meth addicts without a steady supply. Their bodies are long gone, their past relationships destroyed, they have next to nothing, the authorities crack down on them any time they start to figure anything out. They're stupid, ugly, smelly, and weak, and many of the things you've heard about diminish them or bar them, with many other things besides- it's to the point where many new vampires are still discovering new things that screw with them, even 20-30 years after being turned. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit
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    As such, consider the same methods that function on the Nosferatu. A length of green wood will serve as a conduit for the living energies to vacate the dead prison that confine them. Natural energies, too, will suffice, with daylight, running water from a natural source, lightning strikes, clean fire if the Bane is not pre-treated, a spike of crystal, or a stalagmite with a history of attachment to the ground serving to provide this conduit of natural forces. Like the Nosferatu, the Bane is a wretched thing, and death should be seen as a mercy. - Excerpt from Duress 12.3
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