Personal Info
Alias Shotgun Guy
Age Looks mid-30s
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Knights of the Basement
  • Unnamed Wife
  • Unnamed Son
Chapter 4.07

Nick is the leader of the Knights of the Basement. A neutral character, he doesn't outright oppose Conquest but doesn't oppose Blake Thorburn either. His primary focus is keeping the rest of his group safe and avoiding knowing too much after the losses they sustained due to the Abstract Demon.


He's described as a thirty-something looking man with a scraggly mustache and beard, longer hair, jeans, misshapen sweater and lumpy jacket. He often has a shotgun with him.


Nick practices a policy of avoiding conflict and doesn't actively seek power or contact with Others as result of the loss of his group. He has good instincts and could tell something was off during the time that he met Blake, who was saturated with radiation from Pauz.


Nick encountered Blake in 4.07 and held a civil discussion with him on the state of Toronto, informing him of the various powers that be as well as about the Hyena. He then loaned him his shotgun and chains to help him capture it. Afterwards Nick acted as a means of transportation for Blake until the contest with Conquest began, after which he withdrew his group to avoid them being caught in the middle.