Necromancy is the art of utilizing the Undead to perform esoteric feats. Those who utilize this form of magic are known as Necromancers.[1] Someone who exclusively utilizes ghosts and other spectral beings is called a Valkyrie or Valkalla depending on gender.


Necromancy is the art of manipulating the undead to do your bidding, amongst other things. This art consists of playing with the delicate balance of life and death energy, so attempting to do it poorly will likely result in the practitioner become a Ghoul.

It should be noted that the use of Ghosts and Vestiges also qualify as Necromancy,[2] but as a lighter sub-class of it.

Being a Valkyrie means tending to the ghosts of dead Sophont creatures. The impressions they make upon the earth.

Notable NecromancersEdit


  • Necromancer in PactDice usually means what is seen in Pact as Valkyrie. This page considers Valkyrie to be a subset of Necromancy in general.

References Edit

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