Personal Info
Age ~20s (1990s)
Gender Male
Status  ?
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Cult of Dionysus
Occupation Former High Priest Cultist of Dionysus
Chapter Interlude 9

Nathan was the former High Priest of the Cult of Dionysus and mentor to Jeremy Meath. He was the one who scouted Jeremy while he was younger, while throwing a party, only to be replaced by him when Dionysus held more favor to him than his long-time priest.


In his appearance he was described as a twenty-something untidy man who'd looked like he’d been ‘preppy’ once, but was disheveled now. He wore a button-up sweater and a collared shirt with a tie that had been pulled loose, the knot a good half-foot from his collarbone. He wore slacks and shiny black shoes. His hair had been parted earlier in the day, but was now messy.

He had a belt buckle that was part of a horn that was a gift from his god.


Nathan was served his god faithfully, feeling the betrayal when Jeremy was chosen rather harshly. He also found Jeremy too reckless and ambitious when he sought to claim a Demesne before he was supposedly ready.

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