Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender  ?
Status Deceased
Classification Imp
Affiliation Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Chapter 15.06

Naph is an imp that arrived at the beckoning of Ms. Lewis to punish Rose Thorburn Junior for attempting to go back on the deal. It is eaten by Surbas during the fight.


A slimy skin drawn over a baby’s skeleton, there were no openings. The eye sockets were simply skin sucked into a void, dull and empty, the mouth yawned open, skin straining tight enough to reveal individual teeth, just a hair away from splitting in a hundred ways. It has bat-like wings.


None revealed.


  • Audio Sympathetic Stimulation: With every sound made from the demon, it elicited sympathetic feelings from someone’s skin, as if each sound was a brush of sandpaper against flesh, coarse, rough enough to leave it raw.

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