Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender  ?
Status Free
Classification Imp
Affiliation Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Chapter 15.06

Murr, is an imp summoned by Mrs. Lewis to combat Rose Thorburn Junior after reneging on her deal.


The head is reminiscent of a skull, and the lower body looked as though entrails were spilling out, with an excess of bone splinters, and the hands were riddled with bone splinters until they’d become talons, but the general proportions were those of a baby. It had wings and it's voice is described as feminine, smoother, out of sorts with the jagged bone appearance.

Personality Edit

While not demonstrating much personality, it found the idea that demons stem from human ideas distasteful.

Abilities Edit

  • False Doppelganger : Murr has the ability to create false copies of other people based off broken connections and memories of his victims. If these constructs interact with their victim then all the connections the person has are unraveled, leaving nothing behind but a wet stain.

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