Mr. Levinn
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm
Occupation Diabolist
Chapter 2.03

Mr. Levinn is a partner of the Mann, Levinn, and Lewis Firm and one of the partners. Formerly a practitioner who sold himself to the firm to get out of debt, he made partner. Who he was before he took up the firm's offer is unknown. As a practitioner of the firm, he is bound to only use his talents for its sake.

History Edit

He and his partners answer the summons of Rose Thorburn Junior and give Blake Thorburn an outline of their services. He appears at the end of the Possession arc to retrieve Barbatorem from the Abyss.

Appearance Edit

He appears as an old man.

Personality Edit

Levinn is a professional through and through, taking the most efficient means of doing things in order to accomplish his goals.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an agent of the firm, he is a practitioner who is now bound into servitude for beings that have a connection to the depths of reality, in addition to the skills he had prior to joining. However, he can only use these in service to the firm.

  • Selective Immortality: He cannot die easily until someone takes his place in the firm and he is released from his service. That being said, he can feel pain.
  • Diabolism: A skilled diabolist, he can even barter deals with demon nobles.

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