Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender None
Status Free
Classification Demon
  • Thorburn Family
  • Second Choir
Chapter Histories 12

Morax, is a demon from the Choir of Madness that Roselyn called up during her training with Alister Behaim.


A hairy man's muscular body with a high forehead, and at the corners of the forehead, the skin twisted into a gnarled sort of halo, like a crown of thorns that was embedded in the demon’s head.

The demon’s expression is placid, a light smile on his face and something about his appearance, somehow, evoked the idea of a scholar that existed in an era long past, when scholars could have long hair, beards, bare genitals hanging free, and coarse hair on their chests. His eyes were a pale sky blue.


When Morax is summoned it changes the environment and surroundings to induce panic and hallucinations.

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