Mason Hall-McCullough
Personal Info
Alias The Benevolent
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
  • Unnamed Wives (Polygamist)
  • Clara Duchamp
Occupation Practitioner
Chapter Execution

Mason Hall was an elderly practitioner called in by the Duchamp Coven for the lordship contest and one of the seven practitioners on Blake's kill list. It is noted he used Karma as a practice and earned his spot on the list for not telling the Duchamps about his other wives. He is stabbed by Blake and persumably killed.[1]


Spry for an old man, he had white hair that was neatly cut, combed straight back from his face, and he had a trimmed white beard with a pencil mustache. Prayer beads were hung from his neck, folded over so that they formed two loops. Each bead was the size of a fist, solid wood, alternating from red to brown, and was engraved with a symbol. A smiley face, a sun, a four-leaf clover. He walked with his hands in his pockets, but his jacket was open, and he didn’t seem to be bowing to the cold of the wind, even without a hat on his head.


A man with no apparent fear, he seemed confident in all manners, almost cheerful in announcing he was on the kill list as well. He looks like a decent sort up close but less so from a distance. This was thought to be from him maximizing his Good Karma, so much so that most others didn't wish to face him or couldn't find a justification.


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