Mary Frances Troxler
Personal Info
Alias Bloody Mary
Age Over 1000
Gender Female
Status Destroyed
Classification Wraith
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Chapter 6.10

Mary Frances Troxler was a Wraith under the command of Rose Thorburn Junior and one of the nine entities that make up the Bloody Mary Urban Legend.

Mediums used to call on her to help women find their husband to be before 0 A.D. but the ritual was tainted, too much negativity over the last 120 years, thought to be because it got blamed when the marriages didn’t work out. Calling her a demon or a thing of darkness, and the label starts to become true, in a roundabout way. She started showing up when she wasn’t called, was eventually bound, and she remained a minor tool of diabolists for some time.

Mary would only target women when called upon and was presumably destroyed in the contest with Conquest.


A woman dressed in brown homespun clothes that were spattered with dark brown patches of dried blood, holding a kitchen knife that seemed disproportionately large.  Her facial features seemed slightly offset, as if they weren’t quite anchored in place, and the longer someone stared, the more the eyes, cheekbones, eye brows, nose and mouth seemed to drift from their starting point.


  • Knife Proficiency: Mary is proficient enough with knives to leave minor wounds that won't even scar.