Marquis Andras
Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Bound
Classification Demon
Affiliation Fifth Choir
Family Pauz (Mote)
Chapter Collateral 4.7(mentioned)

A demon of the fifth choir, the Choir of Feral, he created Pauz. Currently he is sealed inside of a sabre, waiting to be called forth by its wielder[1]


References Edit

  1. “My sire, my lord, the metaphorical tree that bore me as fruit. Andras. A-N-D-R-A-S.”

    “I bear no risk by inscribing his name or yours?”

    “No. Andras is bound, and only those bearing the saber he was bound to may call him forth. I am a lowly imp, and my name has no power, spoken or written.” -Excerpt from Collateral 4.7