Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Free
Classification Demon
Affiliation Seventh Choir (Possibly)
Chapter Histories 15

Mahoun is a demon noble summoned by a nameless diabolist overreaching beyond his abilities. After being summoned to reek revenge on behalf of his summoner, he quickly turned on him for overstepping his bounds, and proceeded to corrupt the practitioner's family and then have them summon demons to possess them. He is thought to be from the Choir of Unrest, but denies it.


in Black Lamb's Blood he is described as manlike, but far from being a man. Wearing clothes were nice, with a black sweater that had yet to fade from washing or wear, a lambskin jacket, and straight-leg jeans tucked into calf-length boots. His eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheekbones and chin were each so very carefully constructed and shaped, and his white hair, both curly and long, only accented the appearance.

But his teeth, as he smiled, were oddly brutish. Not inhuman, but not straight, angled so that they suggested sharpness, or the idea of fangs that were meant for tearing. They were too large for how delicate his features were, and they were white.

His shadow reveals his true form, which is much larger.


The demon seems to carry a note of enjoyment in what he does, but holds himself to a regal standing. He notes that a Human summoning even a lesser noble was overstepping their bounds.


  • Control: Mahoun is a demon noble and thus broad, allowing for his words to carry power and hold sway over others.
  • Shadow: His shadow is capable of interacting with the real world.


  • Mahoun was a medieval misspelling of Muhammad, under the misconception that Muslims worshiped some kind of pagan god.