Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Familiar
Classification Faerie
Affiliation Joanna Duchamp
Chapter Damages 2.5

A new familiar belonging to Joanna Duchamp, Letita isn't fully experienced in her new position. She was defeated in combat by Blake Thorburn,[1] who claimed a lock of her hair in victory. She claimed to have formerly been the consort and protector to the High Queen’s Torturer.

She was assigned the role of a familiar as a punishment, not quite an exile but a taste of what was to come if she kept angering the wrong people, and met with Padraic, who let her in on his plan to take the role of the real Joanna.


Familiar Form: A small bird, possibly a chickadee.

Regular Form: In her normal form she is described as a woman so beautiful she looked artificial, with ears that had a slight point to them, pale eyes with long eyelashes, platinum-colored hair, and bare shoulders, exposed by a revealing variant on a Japanese yukata and a high-fashion dress. She also carries a 12 foot sword.


In her current incarnation, Letita acted as a prideful swordswoman, confident in her skill. When challenged she accepted, on the terms she would gain Blake's obedience for a year, a month, and a day and would keep him for herself to torment.

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