Leonard Harlan
Personal Info
Alias Leo
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Status Spent
Classification Ghost
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Family Nathan Harlan (Deceased)
Chapter Breach 3.1

Leo Harlan was a ghost under the command of Blake and Rose Thorburn. A factory worker and single father who drunk himself to death after his infant child died from poisonous fumes, his ghost was summoned twice by members of the Thorburn Family.

He formerly resided in a wine bottle that Blake owned and was used in a conflict with the Sisters of the Torch, expending the little power he had left.


He's described as having an overgrown beard, receding hairline, and a tall face with his brow creased by worry. Since his death he'd been distorted, bug-eyed with a neck too thin and facial features out of proportion. He also had a bad slouch and was carrying a bottle.

As a ghost he was weak, a wisp that was barely clinging onto earth. It was possible that he was nearly a Spectre as well given his state.


While alive Leonard was a single father without much help who worked and did what he could to ensure his son was okay. While he was cleaning he accidentally killed his son when some of the chemicals released caustic fumes that made the child suffocate and damaged his lungs. He never spoke again after that, either by the damage or grief, and he died shortly afterward.

At some point in the past he was summoned for a ritual by Roselyn and then released. When Blake called for him and forged a connection, Rose summoned him into the bottle where he remained until a later conflict with the Sisters of the Torch, where the bottle was broken and all his power was used to subdue them.


  • Caustic Fumes: Because of the way he died and his guilt, Leonard generated toxic fumes that caused nausea and suffocation and could have been potentially fatal. When released the impression of the fumes had a strong effect, but as soon as the Leo faded away so did the damage it caused.