Laird Behaim
Personal Info
Alias Laird
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Chapter 1.04

Laird Behaim is the leader of the Behaim circle after the death of,Aimon Behaim, his father. Thus he is the police chief and head of one of the most influential practitioner groups in Jacob's Bell. As a Chronomancer he used his position to influence how cases involved with the supernatural were covered up and, despite the affable nature he maintained, he has an immense dislike of the Thorburn Family in contrast to his father.

He was killed by Blake Thorburn in the climax of the contest against Conquest as a result of bleeding out from a throat wound.


He has dark, straight hair that is just starting to gray, and pale blue eyes. 


Laird, as a practitioner, is cautious in his approach and dealings. Most of the Spirits, civilians, and other Practitioners have a healthy amount of respect for him. He covets power, seeking to make himself a Lord and has an immense distrust of all those of the Thorburn Family and has seemed to pass that throughout his family, fostering into them that no matter the cost dealing with the heirs is the most important thing.

That being said, he considers himself a family man and utilizes that as his justifications for most of the things he does, including tricking Maggie Holt into attacking Molly Walker with the intent on crippling her only for it to result in her death. To this end, upon his premature death by Blake, half his remaining time was transferred to his son, who would only have another year to live naturally.

Sandra Duchamp suspected that he was borderline suicidal and came to the contest with her nudging, intent on sacrificing himself to give Conquest a foothold in the world to be free of the burdens he had sheltered because he felt he was ultimately a pawn in the games of his father and Roselyn.


Laird is a Practitioner who manipulates time, a Chronomancer. To this end he has to have a good fundamental understanding of numbers. He can manipulate the body's perception of time, erase points of time from a person, age them, and so on. He is also a Dabbler and has training in countering Demons from Rose Thorburn Senior.



To utilize his Chronomancy and other arts, Laird uses runes and Spirits. He is on good terms with the ones in Jacob's Bell. He's proficient in basic warding among other things.


Before the storyEdit

Before the story he ha been trained by his father and Roselyn in combatting demons in hopes of bringing change. He also did the same for Alister Behaim.


Laird appears as one of the figures in Blake's dream, meeting with him later and explaining the power balance situation to him and Rose. However, he uses the opportunity to lead them into a trap by distorting their sense of time and leaving them prey to the Others that lurk after dark. He then explains while he is an enemy, he has no immediate plans to deal with him as he doesn't see him as an immediate threat.


Laird arrives at a store where Blake was to retrieve him and take him to the council meeting. Once there he called it to order and started by asking Blake to introduce himself. When Blake tried to set the groups against each other, divide and conquer, he diffused the situation by suggesting Mara, Briar Girl, and Maggie Holt take the deal since he can protect his own family as well as the Duchamps. Although Padraic, and he claims Johannes, are offended and require Sandra to smooth things over. He then calls for a vote to whether Maggie should be executed for abusing her powers, but it doesn't go through.

Later on Laird appears to stop an alliance between Maggie and Blake, revealing that on his orders to subdue Molly Walker Maggie accidentally killed her and that he was retaliating for an attack on his reputation by Blake later on.


Laird is at the wedding reception and has all of the assembled members of his circle work together to lay a spell on the property of the Hillglade's House, only for Blake to interfere and then have him and Sandra Duchamp taken to court. However, he managed to get out and restart the entire ritual for a reduced effect and sent Andy to inform him that they would call it even for the time being and he wouldn't pursue him unless he retaliated again.


He appeared at the beginning of the contest to appeal to Conquest and become one of his champions, bringing members of his family with him to participate. When Blake appears at the police station he arrives in the spirit world to confront him, planning on keeping him alive for some reason but withered and old and helpless, when he ends up being captured by Blake with assistance from the Hyena.


They then trap him in a circle that is inside another circle, with Pauz acting as a guard dog to watch him until the contest is done. Somehow he manages later on to get his implement and then escape, setting Pauz free to attack Blake only to realize the imp was a bluff. He later appears at Duncan's home with the full power of his circle behind him and tries to reason with Blake before setting into motion a plan to slow him down so that Conquest could capture him.

He hold Blake into place so that his own ghosts would assault him with memories of his worse experiences, and as a result Blake stabs him in the throat. He later bleeds out on the snow and dies.

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