Laiah are territorial as creatures created to be guardians so often are, but when placed as guardians, they are more commonly tasked with warding off more abstract things.  It seems they react on instinct even when visiting strange places, which led to them attacking Blake Thorburn.


The three Blake encountered in the story were utterly bald, naked, looked more like metal statues than people, and had the same proportions as their human guises. The same faces as well, minus the hair peeking around the edges of the cap. Each had a pecker that looked like it belonged on a baby, not a grown man, and they half-floated, half-waddled, and only glimmers of the landscape they walked on were visible in mirror space as red stone that fit together without the use of mortar, highlighted by gold, and a glimpse of a carving of a dragon or a dog. Their bodies are cast from some type of metal and their faces range from cherubic to almost demonic.


  • Mirror Travel: So far they've shown the ability to traverse the mirror world with more ease than even Blake.
  • Super Strength: They have a level of super-strength, enough to throw Blake through several windows.
  • Self-Healing: They can heal themselves under normal circumstances, but the jagged blade of the Hyena hampered this ability.

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