The Knight of the Basement are a small group of dabblers who reside just outside of Toronto.



They are dabblers, small-timers who like to avoid overt contact with Others and the supernatural in general due to a run-in with the Abstract Demon. At one point in time they believed their numbers were greater, given the size of the locations they sought to make their demesne, but the demon's abilities has taken even the memories of those they once called allies.

Toronto ArcEdit

They did not attend the toronto council meeting when blake first came there but they did offer assistance when he came to deal with the Hyena.

They tried to help get blake out of jail but were turned away thanks to outside machinations.

During the contest with Conquest, they remained neutral but provided assistance when Blake went up against their old foe.

Lordship ArcEdit

They would later return to aid Rose Thorburn in Jacob's Bell.

Current MembersEdit