Personal Info
Alias Kev
Age Centuries old
Gender Male
Status Alive
Classification Faerie
Affiliation Jacob's Bell Powers
Chapter Bonds 1.5 (distinguished)

Keller is an exiled fae who resides in Jacob's Bell and is often found around Padraic and Essylt. He was the apprentice of Essylt's father, who was an expert in torture, and when he was executed for failure and she was banished, Keller came to protect her.

Occasionally he masks himself as Chloe Duchamp.


As a fae he can alter his appearance with Glamour to whatever he wishes.


He's described as doing the grunt work for Essylt, but when it comes to schemes he targets fringe groups, the outcasts students. He gives them tools that aid them in their goal knowing that eventually they would backfire and cause them misfortune.

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