Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Female
Status Active
Classification Maenad
Chapter Mala Fide 10.5

Kakia is a Maenad created by and in service to the Greek God that the Cult of Dionysus serve and worship. She was mentioned to be one of his favorite servants as he gifted her with a rather large snake that was killed by Blake Thorburn. This drove her into a rage as she tried to kill him, only to be stopped before she accidentally killed Jeremy Meath, who consoled her.


She has bloodshot eyes and the features of both lions and snakes on her face. When angered cords stood out on her neck, veins visible across her body and her face eerily blank of all emotion in her eyes, lower lids raised. Her painted nails become claws.


Eager to service her god, she was angered when a gift from him was destroyed. Her loyalty to Jeremy, however, was greater than her anger.


  • Super Strength: Has a degree of above average strength, around that of a Lion.
  • Super Speed: Has a degree of above average speed, moving as fast as Blake who can jump between mirrors near-instantly.