June Burlison
Personal Info
Alias June
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Destroyed
Classification Ghost
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Family Unnamed Husband
Chapter Damages 2.3

June Burlison is a ghost under the command of Blake and Rose Thorburn. A woman who died of hypothermia, her shade is little more that her suffering left upon the world while her actual soul has departed to the afterlife. She is the first ghost that Blake had bound in his first act as a practitioner under the promise he would keep her warm.

She resided in the Frost Hatchet that Blake owned and was considered by Rose to be somewhere between half-implement and half-familiar. During the conflict against Conquest all her power was used for a single explosive moment and she was erased.


She's described as having fingers so black and frostbitten they could barely be called such, in muddy and ruined old-fashioned clothes. Her ghost is clearer and more defined than most others.


June Burlison died some time in the 1940s after she demanded to be let out of the car after an argument with her husband that she fought with quite a bit. While making her way home she got lost, eventually succumbing to the chill of the marshlands and dying while hallucinating that she was at home.

When Blake called for her and forged a connection she agreed to reside in the hatchet under the agreement that he would keep her warm inside of it. During the contest with Conquest, Blake and Rose expended all her power in a single action to distract Conquest, destroying her.


  • Heat/Frost Generation: Because of the way she died, by hypothermia, June radiates either heat or cold depending on what Blake or June need her to by convincing her that she is suffering in either of those states. This is because in her final moments before death her body released all the internal heat it had stored up in a last ditch effort to save herself.
    • While inside the Hatchet whatever is struck will freeze over by default, but June can be called out of it to affect a wider area if needed.