Joseph Attwell
Personal Info
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Attwell Family
Occupation Illusionist
Chapter 5.x

Joseph Attwell was a practitioner who made an oath and was unable to fulfill it, leading to his family ending up in the service of Conquest.


Joseph seemed to be a rather convicted young man who followed his heart, only for it to have backfired. In his words he was drunk on pain and love, never taking Courtney's feelings into account and playing the role of a misguided hero. Later in life he became abusive to his son, Matthew Attwell, in order to try and force him to run away before he became initiated.

All that was left was a drunken and broken man.


Joseph was an Illusionist who used a variety of tools.




One day Joseph gathered the courage to try and free the woman he loved, Courtney Canfield, from her father on the accusation that he was hoarding her as he did his treasures. The resulting conflict ended with his Familiar delivering a fatal stab but Mr. Canfield summoned Conquest and allowed himself to be integrated with him, leaving Joseph unable to fulfill his oath of killing him and was made forsworn.

He was then given the option of servitude to Conquest, allowing him to marry Courtney, or being at the mercy of every Other without the basic protections. Years in Conquest's service made him bitter and abusive to his son and wife in an effort to drive them away or kill him, but it came to naught.

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