The Demesne of Johannes Lillegard is a region spanning all of Jacob’s Bell, west and north of the hospital as well as the entire expansion north of the bridge. The inside has been twisted into a reflection of the real town, with embellishments and decorations.  Arches, steepled roofs, pointed roofs that curled and bent in zig-zags. The roads all twist and turn, acting as a trap that lures people in but no way out.

Johannes’ apartment building, the tallest building in Jacob’s Bell at maybe eight stories, has a penthouse perched on top, where there is a throne that Johannes can overlook the entire area with his familiar. The process of creating the demesne involved laying claim to all his voice could reach and set speakers up around so that his voice reached out further through a microphone.

After his possession by a demon, the demesne was twisted into something malevolent and all the surviving residents were mutilated into turning one another and serving the barber. By the end of the story, it is claimed by the Abyss at Rose's command.


The demesne acts as a sort of fiefdom, where Others can relive the days of preying on humans as they did without opposition in exchange for a bit of their power as an entry fee. As the residents of the demesne are all vestiges that have had mouse and dog spirits placed inside of them, enabling Johannes to control them with his implement.

The rules are:

  • Practitioners can't be preyed upon inside.
  • You leave grudges and greater weapons at the door.
  • No fighting, unless it’s to go after someone who starts a fight.
  • No deals with anyone except the Northern Sorcerer.
  • You leave with what you brought with you.

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