Joanna Duchamp
Personal Info
Alias Jo
Age 11-12
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Duchamp Coven
Occupation Enchantress
Chapter Damages 2.5 (supposedly)

Joanna Duchamp is a young member of the Duchamp Coven. Her Familiar is Letita and her Implement is a buckler. Her mother ordered her to send her familiar after Blake Thorburn, who gave her back after defeating her. She later appears to bargain with Maggie Holt along with her sister.

Later events reveal that the real Joanna Duchamp is inside a Faerie House, having been spirited away and kept captive by Padraic and his companions for the last two to three years before her tenth birthday, while one of them takes her place.[1]

She is presumably freed after the events of the story.[2]


Straight blonde hair like all Duchamps, although she was wearing leggings at the time and a jacket.

References Edit

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  2. Reveen: Hmmm… implying that Evan is hanging out with Joanna as a sparrow? Sucks that it seems the Duchamps were never able to retrieve her for whatever reason. But I presume that they turned Padraic into a piñata in the process of freeing her.

    wildbow: It wasn’t Joanna. But good assumption on the latter half. - Conversation on Epilogue