The Demesne of Jeremy Meath is inside of a condo that he claimed in Toronto in the name of his god, Dionysus. To do so he defeated the Astrologer in a board game and made Isadora withdrew from her combat challenge, earning him the right for a place.

The appearance has been twisted into a place of worship for Dionysus, a statue inside easily two stories tall, sitting in the center of a pond of deep red wine with fresh food at its feet. Littered around that pond are the various servants of Dionysus, gathered in heaps and piles, using each other for pillows, where there weren’t enough blankets and cushions strewn on the floor. There are stairs leading up to the burgundy pond and the floor consists of white tile strewn with burgundy blankets. Torches burned throughout the demesne, their light suggesting how pleased Dionysus was with Jeremy.

Jeremy gave up his Demesne over to his god in order to gain needed power while in Jacob's Bell. It became a wild garden, with jeramy bound to tend it.

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