James Corvidae
Personal Info
Alias John Pica, James Crow, Jamie the Rook, and Jay Choug
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Presumably Deceased
Classification Bogeyman
Affiliation Thorburn Family
Chapter Void 7.4

James Corvidae is a Bogeyman under the command of Rose Thorburn Junior. Thought to have been around as a curse upon the settlers who came to the New World, this Other has gone by many names with a bird theme, such as James Crow, with John Pica being it's current one.


Described as always taking the same general appearance, slouch, black hair slicked back, hook nose, nice clothes that have seen too much use. When first seen his eyebrows were thick, his teeth a fraction too wide, hook nose, and his long hair was slicked back, tied into a ponytail that didn’t stick out, but draped down over one shoulder. His skin was a dark brown, like a supple leather, but his eyes were pale.

He wore a dress shirt with a tie, a vest, and slacks, and threads stuck out here and there, the cuffs of his shirt and backs of his pant legs abraded, the knees threadbare. His fingers were long, the nails in need of a cut, a little chipped and frayed, as if he had been scraping at a hard surface. His features, cheekbones and the lines of his chin, the shape of his ears, the structure of his neck and shoulders, it all was slightly off, almost as if he’d been drawn by someone who’d never seen a grown man before.

In the past it was a spirit-bird that took the form of a crow and a young child.


James is a clever bogeyman that spread rumors about itself being a demon and will utilize it's powers to whatever advantage it can muster. It doesn't fight directly, even citing that such a thing was out of its skill set.

James does not care for innocence, merely fulfilling its duty to bring heartbreak and conflict to the settlers and descendants. While he shows respect, the only people he has indicated having emotions for are the one who created him and Crone Mara.



James Corvidae was originally formed when Algonquin Shamans performed a ritual to gather together spirits and merge them into a greater spirit, a lesser of gods, taking in their heartbreak and anger and sorrow to congeal into the form of a crow and instructed it to do harm to those who have done harm to them three-times over. Flying off, causing a relationship to fumble and manipulating connections, gaining power as a result since every reaction was a form of worship until it could take the form of a small child in two years time.

He manipulated a boy with an abusive home life and a lair into falling into romance with a girl who was innocent and spoke the truth, the daughter of a community leader, and drove them together through their hardships. The girl's father called a minister, a practitioner, who bound the crow and forced the Seal of Solomon upon it before bouncing it back against the shaman who created it after giving it more power and negative emotions. The crow asked the shaman to let him kill him since otherwise it would have to go through indirect means such as his family, but the old man refused because they would have him and use them against him.

James threw a knife into a tent, causing people to start screaming. The old man then cut his throat so that he would be able to take his power, telling the spirit that he can let the ones who bound him live, but never let them call him without paying a price. The spirit used the power, nine years of life that were left, to become a man rather than a child before driving the ones who bound him into bestiality at a great cost.

The power spent was too great and took years to recover, upon which it observed people and thus began to resemble a person as it traveled around and cost others their precious things. It was called twice, taking a book that would be missed by the first and the second found her son and heir to her power stolen away by another woman, her one-time husband’s new wife.

He then came across Crone Mara and her daughter while searching for the boy and girl he manipulated into falling into romance, the pair bound. Mara offered the crow in the form of a man food before discussing things. He wanted them and would give Mara friendship and visits in exchange, bringing whatever he took when summoned by practitioners to her to keep. She released them as a result and the cut into her legs and pinned her hand to the table before transferring her soul into her daughter's body.

At some point before the story James helped out Rose Thorburn Senior for summoning it after so long.

Toronto ArcEdit

During the contest with Conquest it turned the Sisters of the Torch against Diana Thompson by forging a connection to one of her machines that now houses their fire spirit. While it allowed a Ghoul to bypass it to get to Blake Thorburn, it also aided in sealing away Conquest.

Return to Jacob's Bell ArcEdit

He later accompanies her in Jacob's Bell, recognizing Crone Mara with a wide smile, but ends up banished once Jeremy Meath attacks because he was too much of a safety hazard. He is later summoned once more after Rose has been sent away and the Hillglades House is under siege by Blake, who sends him after the Jacob's Bell Powers to distract them.

Leaving out he manipulated the connections between a bomb and the surrounding environment before laughing at the sheer amount of Others prepared to siege the house. It is also revealed to have made it so that Conquest's mirror had gone missing, willing to wait before using it for some purpose and content to watch it's effects on Rose. He then acts on his duty to shatter the Duchamp Family's crumbling unity before setting out to find Blake Thorburn's group in the Crone Mara's forest and save him from the Astral being before turning on them, exchanging Blake's Hyena with one of Mara's Dolls.

When confronted by Rose's group and Blake's he reveals the mirror containing Conquest and tries to shatter it, claiming it would help her. When she stopped him and forced him to be bound to one place until later, he remained until Mara killed him and then resummoned him. He then used Glamour by using the locks of hair Blake took from Letita to appear as Alexis, only to be killed by Blake using The Hyena after he figured the trick out.


  • Inconvenient Connections: James is able to forge connections between objects and people. It causes discord by taking something precious to someone else and connecting it to another person. Since emotions still linger, it causes conflicts.


  • It is presumed that this the veriaty of names is an intnetial allusion, both in and out of story, to Jim Crow.

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