A small town that serves as the main setting for the story, it is the home town of the Duchamp Coven, Behaim Circle, and Thorburn Family. The location is small, so they do not have a Lord, but the town can expand and benefit everyone if the marshlands and property of the Hillglade House are sold.

It is divided into north and south, with the entire north being the Demesne of Johannes. There are three major roads, Harcourt running from North to South, dividing the city in half, while the other two ran from West to East. Sydenham ran parallel to the highway, curving only to avoid the marshland near Hillsglade House, while King George ran through downtown.

While the smaller stores and restaurants sat on King George, deep within Jacob’s Bell’s downtown area, essential institutions like the hospital and the school sat up on or near Sydenham.  One such building served double duty as a train station and bus station, and could be referred to as one, the other, or simply ‘the station’, depending on need or preference.  While the train’s horn can be heard a half-dozen times a day, it only stopped twice in a given day. The buses were more frequent.

On the supernatural side of things, Faeries are active, Goblins are allowed to run rampant as long as they were minor goblins, while Bogeymen lurked in the outskirts of town. This creates a dark atmosphere around the town as the major factions do nothing to stop it so long as they are uninvolved, allowing the innocents to suffer and raise themselves to a new height. This made the place a haven for others who don't want to bow to a Lord.

After "Mala Fide" a bell can be heard tolling and stirring up irritation and negativity in Others. Things have gotten so bad by the "Sine Die" arc that half the city is about to sink into Limbo and the only thing holding it back were the innocents still there. By the end of the story, it has been condemned and abandoned due to being saturated in wrongness by the demons.

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