Personal Info
Alias Isadora Phixopolous
Age Predates Written History
Gender Female
Status Alive
Classification Sphinx
Affiliation Toronto Council
Family Phix (Dam)
Occupation Professor of Ethics
Chapter Collateral 4.2

Isadora is a Sphinx and member of the Toronto Council. The sixth daughter of Phix, she is an ages-old Other that resides in Toronto and teaches at a university as a Professor of Ethics.


In her sphinx form she is described as having hair that was well-tended, falling in dark ringlets over her breasts, where the hair obscured the nipples. Her fur and wings were pitch black, her skin pale. She has human arms with massive feline paws as one would expect from a lion. In other words her human appearance seamlessly transitions into her sphinx lower body.


While fair and enjoys the company of clever individuals, Isadora's primary concern involves the balance of karma as that is her role as a Other of Balance. She doesn't share the same since of morality as humans, as it is not in her genetic make-up to care about death as long as it is done cleanly, although she is familiar with them. As an educator every now and then she takes an interest in clever students and those who impress her are given good karma while those who don't disappear over night, with the latest being Paige Thorburn.

She has a hostile reaction to Demons and Diabolists because they ruin the balance and she has lived long enough to see history repeats itself, although she does admit that Blake's intentions weren't malicious. She is also confident in her abilities, because she's one of the few beings actually strong enough to do whatever she likes.


Before the StoryEdit

Isadora was familiar with Matthew Attwell and discussed his plans with Conquest, as well as telling him it wouldn't be accomplished in his lifetime. She also confronted Jeremy Meath when he sought to make a demesne because she disliked his god, Dionysus, but ceased the battle as she made an Oath to prioritize her survival early in her life. In exchange Jeremy had a meeting with the Duchamp Coven, which ended up with him marrying Sandra Duchamp.


Isadora was present in the Toronto Council at Blake's first meeting with Conquest and was cordial with him, until the reveal of his legacy as a diabolist. As this brings out the worst in Conquest, who seeks to abuse the power, Isadora states her intention of opposing him before leaving. Later in the arc she is at the university when Blake appears to ask for her assistance, which she refuses and tells him to leave as he had Pauz's scent on him and such a thing is painful to her kind.


She confronts Blake prior to his entering Conquest's tower to declare the contest and tried to convince his friends from joining him, before citing that he has upset the balance with his presence and she was tired of seeing patterns of people fall to the corruption of demons and the only reason she wasn't certain he would was because she was fairly sure he wouldn't live long enough. Blake tries to reassure her by making his friends vow not to read any of the text in the Hillglades House related to diabolism and then cites it wouldn't be neccessary if she had helped him when he asked rather than forcing him to go to such lengths for his own survival. She relents, knowing that if they break the promise then they will be punished and then tells him to extract the same from the disciple who is "warm" for him, before advising him that it would be better for him to take his friends inside and stating he's recently done some things to add positive karma to himself.

Later on she meets with Blake on his balcony, telling him that she plans on attacking him in a few days time and that she was giving him a warning as well as first rights to attack the Behaims because they disturbed her sleep when they rest the time of the people connected to Blake. She then reveals that he will die shortly, explaining that Rose will take his place and they had been fighting because they can instinctively sense it.


Isadora appeared while Blake was pinned down by the Astrologer and The Shepard, cleaving him open below the ribcage and denying him all access to help, explaining that it's needed to balance the scales and death at her hands would be quicker and cleaner. Rose cites she's waiting for Conquest to come and tells her just to ask, but she doesn't want to as it is akin to groveling and giving power to him. She then deflects Blake's sneak attack. Isadora does concede to calling Conquest.

She later appears at Blake's apartment after Conquest had been bound with Paige Thorburn in tow. The young woman approached her after the altercation at the college and sought her to understand the scope of things. She has taken her under her wing since then and planned to establish a relationship between them akin to a mentorship, despite Blake being against it, because she's clever and this way to would cause less collateral damage.

During the meeting she's noted as one of the more powerful beings in the city and stopped Jeremy Meath the last time he aspired to be Lord. When Blake confronts the Abstract Demon she was there, watching it happen, and felt the impact of his disappearances. At best she managed to mitigate the damage done to herself, recalling more details about Blake than the rest of the people there, but could no longer recall his name.

Possession ArcEdit

She later arrives with the other members of the Toronto Council, and Paige, at the beckoning of Rose and Faysal, with Rose condemning Jacob's Bell to Toronto and dragging them into the conflict.


Isadora is taken out of the conflict when the group comes under fire by an attack from a demon from the choir of madness, which is the opposite of her kind.

It was claimed by the Barber the she was dead. However the wording of the statement left it somewhat in doubt.

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